I’m happy to offer new customers a complimentary ten minute consultation for free. Just give me a call at 215-821-7161 or fill out the form (and know that I might be in a commitment and can’t speak immediately).

For those who want to spend more than ten minutes talking, I’m happy to offer 1-on-1 consulting as a way to learn quickly, without having your nose in a book for hours or attend group classes or day-long professional seminars.

Small consulting projects are billed on an hourly basis at $80/hour. Topics may consist of:

• portfolio review (what am I doing well? what should I improve?)
• troubleshooting camera technique (why isn’t this working the way I want?)
• lens and equipment selection (what’s the next tool for me?)
• workflow and digital asset management (how do I manage thousands of images for one specific project? how do I manage images across multiple projects efficiently?)
• custom solutions for technical projects (how can I achieve this result in the face of these specific set of challenges? Is the secret sauce a workflow method, a particular technique, a new device, or something else?)

I encourage customers to record sessions to facilitate easy review later on. Phone consultations are subject to a half hour minimum billing. In person consultations are subject to a minimum one hour billing.

Extensive consulting projects may be billed at different rates.

At this time, I do not offer workshops or group lessons.

Again, if you have questions that can be answered inside of ten minutes, I’m always happy to chat. Give me a call: 215-821-7161.