Canon 5D Mark 4 body with 2 batteries, charger and 64gb card

Canon 5D Mark 4 body with 2 batteries, charger and 64gb card


The Canon 5D Mark 4 offers 30 megapixel images on a full frame platform, with improved high ISO performance, improved dynamic range and a much improved autofocus system with touchscreen capabilities. This camera is capable of a clean 25.6k with noise reduction, and a useable ISO 52k.

Rental includes two batteries, charger and your choice of 64gb CF or SD card.

Beginners looking for their first full frame experience can save a bit of coin by starting with the 5D Mark 3 instead.

Film crews looking for a few cheap B-roll cameras can go for the workhorse 5D Mark 2 that started the DSLR video trend in the first place.

Please note:

All rates are listed as a flat rate, for up to 3 calendar days, with the drop off at the same or earlier than the pickup. Example: pickup on Friday morning at 11am, drop off on Monday morning at 11am or before.

All pickups are at Cedar Works Studios, 4919 Pentridge Street, Philadelphia PA 19143.

Pickup is scheduled by appointment only. To select a pickup time: schedule here, or call Conrad at 215-821-7161.

To schedule a pickup within the next 36 hours, please call Conrad: 215-821-7161.

For any questions, call Conrad: 215-821-7161.

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